NSD International

About NSD International

NSD International is an experienced supplier in the field of self-adhesive labeling solutions. We specialize in high-end, unique and complex labeling solutions. All of our labels are produced entirely in-house. Thanks to our production sites in Scotland, the Netherlands and Czech Republic and thanks to a team of experts with years of experience, we deliver consistently high quality at a very competitive price. This makes us 'big enough to cope, small enough to care'!

Full range supplier

NSD International supplies everything in the area of self-adhesive printing, whether you are looking for labels for promotional or functional use, paper labels or plastic labels. We offer complete concepts for labels, stickers and tags with specific requirements. Our labels are unique and distinctive due to the use of different materials, production and printing techniques, inks and adhesives. We also supply secured printing for theaters, museums, soccer clubs and various event organizations, with or without security elements such as holographic stamps. Our plastic labels are untearable and are printed both offset and silk-screen.


NSD International in Scotland originated in 1976 when the family owned ‘Nederlandse Speciaaldrukkerij’ (translation: Dutch Special Printing Company) bought 70% shares in the ‘Simpson Label Company’. Established in 1858, the Simpson Label Company had a strong history producing high quality labels and was a great place for NSD to establish their company in Scotland. In 2001, NSD was taken over by the current management and the Simpson Label Company as a whole was added to the parent company. The company’s production site has been located in Dalkeith, about 12 kilometres southeast of Edinburgh since 1980.

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