NSD International

Specialist solutions

Special designs and applications of self-adhesive printing are our specialty. With our ability to produce labels with virtually any kind of paper, foil, folding, inks and other materials, we can provide a solution for every need. We have a large quantity of cutting dies available, bespoke upon request.

Endless possibilities

Labels for industrial use require high color fastness, weather resistance and adhesion. NSD International has a wide range of materials, printing techniques and adhesives. Some techniques / products are:

  • Polyester Chrome
  • Stickers with complex die-cutting shapes
  • Plastic (luminous) industry stickers (glossy or matte vinyl, permanent or removable)
  • Calibration stickers on plastic or paper (numbered, laminated and writable if desired)
  • Calendar stickers with company logo and information.

Secured printing

Our secured printed matter is manufactured using the latest production techniques to ensure high protection against fraud. Examples are scratch cards, entrance tickets, badges, coupons, savings stamps, stickers with a hologram and plastics printed in full color offset.

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