On-Pack has specialised in high-quality labels for over 150 years, offering unique and complex labelling solutions to our customers. We provide self-adhesive material in multiple shapes and sizes, ensuring that even the most complex requirements can be managed from our extensive production facilities.

Informative or promotional

On-Pack consists of the brands On-Pack Promotions and On-Pack Information. We meet the growing need for increased information or promotional communication on your packaging. A promotional campaign on your packaging helps you achieve in-store attention, which often leads to impulse and repeat purchases. At the same time, it is important to ensure the safe use of your products. With our booklet labels of up to 56 pages, you can significantly expand the amount of text on your packaging. This allows you to report all required information (ingredients, origin, warnings) in any desired language onto your product.


Every year, On-Pack delivers millions of labels to companies within the (agro-)chemical, pharmaceutical, high-end spirits, high-end foods and personal care industries. With more than 200 employees across our various locations, we help our customers expand their communication capacity on their packaging, sometimes with the aim of increasing sales and sometimes making the world a bit safer.

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